Season 2001-02

The 2001-02 season was the club’s historic first campaign in the Football League. The club started the season in fine style, recording their first win in the Football League with a 1-0 victory over York City. Warren Patmore, signed from Yeovil and scored the club’s first ever Football League goal but lasted only four games before transferring to Woking. The first game at Nene Park was against Lincoln City, with the game ending 0-0 in front of the ITV Digital cameras.

Despite a Worthington Cup win over Burnley, the club went seven league matches without a win and the hard-earned league status looked under threat as Barry Hunter was signed along with Scott Partridge and the returning Ritchie Hanlon to try to reverse the trend. The record books were rewritten for Diamonds on October 2001 but unfortunately it was for the wrong reasons. A 7-1 hammering at Cardiff in the LDV Vans Trophy game was a club record heaviest defeat at the time.

However, the season was about to change in December following the signing of Onandi Lowe, a Jamaican international who had an excellent scoring record for his country. This signing was reinforced with the arrival of Stuart Wardley and Paul Hall. The club lost only eight games in 26 matches from December. Lowe went on a scoring spree for Diamonds – hitting nine in the final five games of the season to shoot Diamonds up the table and secure a play-off spot. Diamonds faced Rochdale in the semi-final and after a hard-fought 2-2 draw at Nene Park it was all down to one match at Spotland on a cold Tuesday night for a place in the final at the Millennium Stadium. It looked as though Diamonds would not get their day at Cardiff after a mistake from Billy Turley, miskicking a rolling ball from Mark Peters, saw the club go one goal down. However, their day in the Welsh capital was secured when Onandi Lowe and Paul Hall grabbed a goal apiece. The final, however, was not to be Diamonds day and Cheltenham ran out deserved 3-1 winners, with Hall grabbing the club’s goal at the famous stadium.

See below for a match summary as well as links to match reports. The final league table for the season can be seen here.

See here for a detailed summary of all the games during the season, including team-line up for each game and match timings.

Date V Lge Opponent Result Scorers Att
Sat 11/08/01 A D3 York City Won 1-0 Patmore 4307
Thu 16/08/01 H D3 Lincoln City Drew 0-0 5018
Tue 21/08/01 A WC1 Burnley Won 3-2 Peters, Mustafa, Darby 4398
Sat 25/08/01 A D3 Macclesfield Drew 0-0 1950
Mon 27/08/01 H D3 Plymouth Argyle Lost 2-3 Darby/2 4414
Sat 01/09/01 A D3 Oxford United Lost 2-3 Darby/2 6289
Sat 08/09/01 H D3 Southend United Lost 0-1 4583
Tue 11/09/01 A WC2 Crewe Alexandra Lost 0-2AET 4807
Sat 15/09/01 A D3 Leyton Orient Lost 1-2 Hanlon 5287
Tue 18/09/01 H D3 Torquay United Drew 0-0 3258
Sat 22/09/01 H D3 Cheltenham Town Won 1-0 Sigere 4116
Tue 25/09/01 A D3 Exeter City Drew 1-1 Hanlon 2622
Sat 29/09/01 A D3 Darlington Drew 0-0 4365
Fri 05/10/01 H D3 Hartlepool Utd Won 2-1 og, Hunter 3929
Sat 13/10/01 A D3 Rochdale Drew 0-0 4345
Tue 16/10/01 A LDV1 Cardiff City Lost 1-7 Hall 2052
Sat 20/10/01 H D3 Hull City Drew 3-3 Hanlon, Burgess/2 4676
Tue 23/10/01 A D3 Shrewsbury Town Won 2-0 Setchell, Darby 4016
Sat 27/10/01 H D3 Mansfield Town Won 3-1 og, Burgess, Partridge 4937
Sat 03/11/01 A D3 Swansea City Drew 0-0 3970
Tue 06/11/01 H MCSF Northampton Town Won 2-1 Brady/2 1867
Sat 10/11/01 H D3 Halifax Town Won 2-1 Partridge, Thomson 3883
Tue 13/11/01 H CS Chester City (12) Drew 2-2AET Talbot, Rodwell 937
Sat 17/11/01 A FAC1 Worcester City Won 1-0 Hanlon 3313
Tue 20/11/01 H D3 Scunthorpe Utd Drew 0-0 3533
Sat 24/11/01 A D3 Kidderminster H Lost 0-3 3014
Sat 01/12/01 H D3 Bristol Rovers Won 3-1 Partridge/2, Lowe (V) 4570
Sat 08/12/01 A FAC2 Brighton & HA Lost 1-2 Hanlon 5647
Wed 12/12/01 H MCF Peterborough Utd Lost 1-4 McElhatton 696
Sat 15/12/01 A D3 Luton Town Lost 0-1 7495
Sat 22/12/01 H D3 Carlisle Utd Won 3-1 Lowe, Hall, og (V) 4142
Wed 26/12/01 A D3 Southend Utd Lost 2-4 Butterworth, Partridge 5878
Sat 29/12/01 A D3 Plymouth Argyle Lost 0-1 9503
Sat 12/01/02 A D3 Lincoln City Won 4-2 Lowe, Hall/2, Darby 3170
Sat 19/01/02 H D3 York City Won 3-0 Darby, McElhatton, Lowe (V) 4605
Tue 22/01/02 A D3 Carlisle Lost 0-3 2864
Sat 26/01/02 A D3 Hartlepool Utd Lost 1-5 Duffy 3513
Tue 29/01/02 H D3 Macclesfield Town Won 2-0 Lowe, Wardley (V) 2771
Sat 02/02/02 H D3 Darlington Won 2-1 Hall, Lowe (V) 4383
Tue 05/02/02 H D3 Oxford Utd Won 2-1 Lowe, Brady 4484
Sat 09/02/02 A D3 Hull City Lost 1-2 Hanlon 8825
Sat 16/02/02 H D3 Rochdale Drew 1-1 Hall 4672
Sat 23/02/02 H D3 Leyton Orient Won 1-0 Wardley 4507
Tue 26/02/02 A D3 Torquay Utd Drew 1-1 Wardley 1709
Sat 02/03/02 A D3 Cheltenham Town Drew 1-1 Lowe 4584
Tue 05/03/02 H D3 Exeter City Won 2-1 Burgess, Hanlon 3343
Sat 09/03/02 H D3 Luton Town Lost 1-2 Hall 5876
Sat 16/03/02 A D3 Bristol Rovers Won 3-0 Lowe/2, Hanlon 5240
Sat 23/03/02 H D3 Shrewsbury Town Won 3-0 Lowe, Hanlon, Mustafa 5432
Sat 30/03/02 A D3 Mansfield Town Won 4-1 Lowe/3, Angell (V) 5807
Mon 01/04/02 H D3 Swansea City Won 4-0 Hall, Lowe/2, Angell 4671
Sat 06/04/02 A D3 Scunthorpe Utd Drew 1-1 Lowe 4794
Sat 13/04/02 H D3 Kidderminster H Lost 0-2 5478
Sat 20/04/02 A D3 Halifax Town Won 4-2 Lowe/2, Wardley, Hall 2699
Sat 27/04/02 H POSF/1 Rochdale Drew 2-2 Wardley, Butterworth (V) 6015
Tue 30/04/02 A POSF/2 Rochdale Won 2-1 Lowe, Hall (V) 8547
Mon 06/05/02 N PO Cheltenham Town Lost 1-3 Hall (V) 24368

Note – those games with a (P) in the scorers column will have match photos in the report, and those with a (V) will have a link to video highlights of the game.

Note 12: Won 4-3 pens – McElhatton / Rodwell / Grant / Thomson


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