Season 2000-01

The previous seasons of disappointment hadn’t deterred the bookmakers and Diamonds were again rated favourites to secure the one promotion place to the Football League in 2000/01. This favourite status was reinforced by signings such as those of Justin Jackson, Duane Darby and Tarkan Mustafa to fit into a side that already included the likes of Paul Underwood, Ray Warburton, Mark Peters, Garry Butterworth and Jon Brady.

A 12-game unbeaten run at the start of the season put them in pole position, but a run of bad results, including a fighting 1-0 defeat at Luton Town in the First Round of the FA Cup, left them trailing Yeovil Town heading into Christmas. Brian Talbot came under pressure from a minority group of supporters but Max Griggs faith never wavered and he was rewarded when the team lost just one of their final 23 league games to secure promotion to the Football League, just nine short years after the club came into existence.

A key 2-0 victory over local rivals Kettering Town, achieved with 10 men away from home was followed by a tense goalless draw with Yeovil Town in Somerset, and then the title was clinched with a 2-1 victory over Chester City.

Other players that featured that season included Andy Burgess in just his second season, Shaun Carey, Jim Rodwell, Gary Setchell, Jean-Michel Sigere, Gary Mills and Stuart Gray.

The game at home to Woking on 3rd April 2001 was the 500th in the Diamonds History – see here for a reflection on that milestone.

See below for a match summary as well as links to match reports. The final league table for the season can be seen here.

See here for a detailed summary of all the games during the season, including team-line up for each game and match timings.

The Diamonds team line-ups for senior games in 2000/01 can be seen here, with a summary of players used in league games here.

Date V Lge Opponent Result Scorers Att
Sat 19/08/00 H Conf Chester City Won 2-0 Darby, Jackson 3966
Mon 21/08/00 A Conf Hednesford Town Won 3-2 Jackson, Darby, Burgess 1516
Sat 26/08/00 A Conf Dagenham & Red Won 2-0 Burgess, Darby 1686
Mon 28/08/00 H Conf Southport Won 4-0 Darby, Jackson, Burgess, Brady 3574
Sat 02/09/00 A Conf Telford United Won 2-1 Brady, Darby 1510
Tue 05/09/00 H Conf Stevenage Boro Drew 2-2 Burgess, Jackson 4048
Sat 09/09/00 H Conf Forest Grn Rvrs Drew 0-0 3352
Tue 12/09/00 A Conf Scarborough Won 3-0 Warburton, Town, Jackson 1107
Sat 16/09/00 A Conf Woking Won 4-1 Darby/2, Brady, Jackson 2101
Sat 23/09/00 H Conf Kettering Town Drew 1-1 Jackson 4627
Tue 26/09/00 H Conf Dagenham & Red Won 2-1 Burgess, Darby 3069
Sat 30/09/00 A Conf Kingstonian Won 4-2 Darby, Brady/2, Jackson 1363
Tue 03/10/00 A Conf Leigh RMI Lost 0-1 1405
Sun 08/10/00 H Conf Boston Utd Drew 0-0 4570
Sat 14/10/00 H Conf Hereford Utd Won 1-0 Jackson 4188
Sat 21/10/00 A Conf Morecambe Lost 1-2 Sigere 1816
Tue 24/10/00 H NWT2 Stevenage Won 2-1 Sigere, McElhatton 1545
Sat 28/10/00 H FAC4q Grantham Town Won 5-4 McElhatton/2, Underwood,   Jackson, Setchell (V) 2685
Tue 31/10/00 H Conf Hayes Won 4-0 Jackson, Wormull, Sigere/2 2568
Sat 04/11/00 H Conf Yeovil Town Lost 1-2 Jackson 5283
Sat 11/11/00 A Conf Doncaster Rvrs Lost 2-3 Underwood, Brady 3538
Fri 17/11/00 A FAC1 Luton Town Lost 0-1 5771
Tue 28/11/00 A LDV1 Barnet Lost 0-2 887
Sat 02/12/00 A Conf Dover Athletic Lost 1-4 Underwood 1407
Sat 09/12/00 A Conf Hayes Won 3-0 Jackson, Underwood, Setchell 1844
Sat 16/12/00 H Conf Hednesford Town Won 5-1 Brady, Sigere/2, Darby/2 2906
Tue 19/12/00 A NWT3 Kingstonian Lost 0-1 190
Tue 26/12/00 A Conf Nuneaton Boro Drew 1-1 Jackson 2614
Mon 01/01/01 H Conf Nuneaton Boro Won 2-1 Brady, Darby 4080
Sat 06/01/01 A Conf Southport Won 3-1 Jackson/2, Burgess (V) 2255
Sat 13/01/01 A FAT3 Hayes Won 1-0 Darby 750
Sat 27/01/01 A Conf Stevenage Boro Won 2-0 Darby/2 3327
Sat 03/02/01 A FAT4 Marine Won 6-0 Darby/2, Jackson, Burgess,   Rodwell, Essandoh 965
Sat 10/02/01 A Conf Forest Grn Rvrs Drew 0-0 1144
Sat 17/02/01 H Conf Scarborough Won 1-0 Burgess 3553
Tue 20/02/01 H Conf Northwich Vic Won 2-1 Darby, Jackson 2820
Wed 21/02/01 A HSCSF Corby Town Won 4-2 Duffy, Sale, Wormull/2 154
Sat 24/02/01 A FAT5 Forest Grn Rvrs Lost 0-2 1018
Sat 03/03/01 H Conf Woking Won 2-0 Darby, Carey 3680
Sat 10/03/01 A Conf Boston United Drew 1-1 Jackson 3434
Tue 13/03/01 A Conf Kettering Won 2-0 Darby/2 (V) 4750
Sat 17/03/01 H Conf Kingstonian Won 2-1 Darby/2 3842
Sun 25/03/01 A Conf Northwich Vic Drew 0-0 2016
Sat 31/03/01 H Conf Leigh RMI Drew 1-1 Sigere 3882
Sat 07/04/01 H Conf Morecambe Won 4-1 Darby/3, Brady 3778
Tue 10/04/01 H HSCF Kettering Town Lost 1-3 Sale 1038
Sat 14/04/01 A Conf Hereford United Lost 1-3 og 2008
Mon 16/04/01 H Conf Doncaster Rvrs Drew 0-0 4036
Sat 21/04/01 A Conf Yeovil Town Drew 0-0 8868
Tue 24/04/01 H Conf Telford United Won 3-0 Jackson, Brady, Butterworth (V) 4107
Sat 28/04/01 H Conf Dover Athletic Won 2-1 Darby, Peters (V) 5482
Sat 05/05/01 A Conf Chester City Won 2-1 Peters, Brady (V) 4040

Note – those games with a (P) in the scorers column will have match photos in the report, and those with a (V) will have a link to video highlights of the game.


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