Hayes 2 Rushden & Diamonds 1

Match Report courtesy of Unofficial Rushden & Diamonds Website (1997-2001)

6th March 1999 – Church Road (Attendance: 1300)

Rushden Team: Smith, Heggs, Bradshaw, Warburton, Rodwell, Brady, McElhatton, Cooper, Butterworth, Collins, Underwood.
Subs: Butterworth, Foster, Whyte.

Diamonds Scorers: Own Goal

Webmasters MoM: None

Match Report:

Yet again Diamonds threw away an early lead and ended up pointless – maybe also clueless. BT brought back Butts into midfield alongside Macca and Coops, following Butts impressive display during midweek for the Semi Pro England side, but it failed to make any impact. The first half saw Diamonds grafting hard, creating a few openings which normally Darren Collins would have buried, but not today. It was left to a goalmouth scramble and an own goal which Heggsy made sure crossed the line, to give Diamonds their first half lead. It was a deserved lead as Hayes created little, resorting to cheating tactics upfront fooling the referee into making senseless bookings. When Diamonds went in at half time 1-0 up and with the Poppies and the Robins both losing, you would have thought they would come out fired up for the second half, but the opposite happened and they were caught by two quick goals against, from virtually free headers, very similar to Cogenhoe in midweek.

There was nothing constructive to talk about in the second half whatsoever, so take this second paragraph as the sum content of the final 45 minutes.

So where did it go wrong? Well for starters we had no creativity in midfield – sounds familiar! To win games you need to score goals and we had only one half hit shot on their goal in the whole of the second half, and only a few chances in the first half. We had no-one who could get a cross into the box! We created no pressure on the opposition. We have no-one with vision to create service for the front men. Hayes wanted it more. They were a large , awkward, average side – nothing more. And we could not beat them!!! I am sure that the criticisms will be out for BT, but in his defence he was shouting instructions to his players that were being ignored, the players had ample time to get crosses in but failed miserably. They know from their faces seen getting back on the coach that they have let themselves and everybody else down with their second half performance and that they will need to pick themselves up ready for Boro on Tuesday. They still need our support, now even more, so lets give them a lift on Tuesday in an attempt to get back on track. It aint all over till the Alford sings!!!


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